Episode 67: Rose Bits

Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Spence, Jurd, Jason, and Hugh consider Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode Four: Challenge! The Red Rose Knight!

In this episode – Neo-French Pilot George De Sand harnesses the power of Captain Harlock, Frank Gastro and the Neo-Cuban team wear their happy in their clothes, and Rain is one murder away from becoming Lady Une.
Plus, Domon goes all in on faking a kidnapping, and the French Aristocracy is back, baby!

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Episode 66: Roller Coaster Banditry

Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Spence, Jurd, Jason and Hugh consider Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode 3: Beat the Dragon Gundam!

This week, The Dragon Gundam has a wicked ponytail, Neo China’s Space Colony is Asgard, and Sai Saici is a bit of a brat. Plus, Domon gets wrapped up in fashion and where does the Dragon Gundam keep all those flags?

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Episode 64: Leave the Gundam, Take the Cannoli

Welcome to a brand-new season of Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Our flight team of Hugh, Jason, Jurd, and Spence begin their journey through 1994’s Mobile Fighter G Gundam with episode one, “The Gundam That Fell to Earth!

We begin in beautiful Rome, where Domon and Italian Gundam Fighter Michaelo Charriot only destroy three historic landmarks! Plus, Rain is a Gundam ninja, Domon is the Columbo of giant fighting robots, and this whole series is a tentacle monster of plot threads leading nowhere. Enjoy!

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Episode 62: Chekhov’s Watch

Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! In this episode, Hugh, Jason, Jurd and Spence consider Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Episode 11 – The Shuddering Mountain Part Two!

Nostalgia Pilots Episode 62: Chekhov’s Watch

This week: In what should be the last episode but isn’t, Genias shows us how deep his issues really go, Kojima steps up, and Shiro decides to retire. Plus, Michel’s infatuation with Bebe escalates into a religion, and was Apsalus a pokemon the whole time?

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Episode 61: Mustache Rank

Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Spence, Jurd, Hugh and Jason discuss Gundam the 08th MS Team episode 10: The Shuddering Mountain Part One.

In tonight’s episode, Genias continues to be a terrible boss, The Federation mobile suits can’t escape gravity, and Eledore is at least competent. Plus, Norris has an awesome exit and Shiro wins the fight but loses the battle.
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Episode 59: Generic Zaku Squad

Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Hugh, Jason, Jurd and Spence consider Gundam the 08th MS Team Epsisode 8: “Duty and Ideals.”

In tonight’s episode, the Nostalgia Pilots meet and say goodbye to our favorite new characters, Shiro struggles with the realities of war while shooting a Zaku in the junk, and Genias goes full Elvis on the TV. Plus, Yuri Kilarney belongs in a different anime, and Sanders is a classy drinker.

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