With high expectations, listeners download podcasts to be better informed and entertained. But established media personalities seize control of the iTunes rankings in the name of popularity and brand recognition.
The year is 2017. Nostalgia Pilots.
In order to counter the armies of mediocrity, four podcasters scheme to bring a new show to the podopshpere, disguising it as a Mobile Suit Gundam rewatch podcast. But the show is often irreverent and hilarious.




The Nostalgia Pilots:

Jason Banks – The brain child behind the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast, Jason is a lifelong fan of anime and manga. His giant beam scythe tears through the enemy.

Lauren Harris – The author of the Spellhounds novel series and Assistant Editor for Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show,  Lauren’s buster rifle can blast away any foe.

Hugh O’Donnell – The creator of The Freelance Hunters fantasy series and the author of “The City, a Story in 140 Characters,” Hugh’s powerful vernier engines make him extremely maneuverable.

JRD Skinner – The writer of Flash Pulp, Jurd’s beam sabre can easily cut through his opponent’s defenses.

Spence – The proprietor of Resonant Moon Audiobook Solution, Spence’s Dragon Fang Flamethrower turns the battlefield into a sea of flames!

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